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நல்ல செய்தி! இப்போது ஒரு செல்ஃபி உங்கள் BP – OrissaPOST ஐ அளவிட முடியும்


In what comes as good news for people with high Blood Pressure (BP), observing BP may one day become as simple as taking a selfie.

Specialists have tried an innovation considered ‘transdermal optical imaging’ that estimates pulse by distinguishing blood flow changes in smartphone caught facial videos.

“This study shows that facial video can contain some information about systolic blood pressure,” said researcher Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Professor at the Michigan State University.

Encompassing light enters the skin’s external layer permitting digital optical sensors in cell phones to picture and concentrate blood stream designs, which transdermal optical imaging models can use to foresee blood pressure.

The scientists found transdermal optical imaging anticipated systolic circulatory strain with almost 95 percent exactness and diastolic pulse with heartbeat weight at about 96 percent precision.

The innovation’s high precision is inside universal models for gadgets used to quantify circulatory strain, as indicated by Lee.

Scientists videoed faces in a well-controlled condition with fixed lighting, so it is unclear whether the innovation can precisely quantify blood pressure in less controlled environment, including homes.

Likewise, while the examination members had an assortment of skin tones, the example needed subjects with either amazingly dull or reasonable skin.