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மாதவிடாய் நின்ற நோயாளிகள் எச்.ஆர்.டி மருந்துகள் வழங்குவதில் நெருக்கடி இருப்பதால் ‘பீதி அடைகிறார்கள்’ – தி சன்


PATIENTS are “panicking” because of a crisis in the supply of HRT drugs, GPs warned last night.

The patches, pills and gels provide the oestrogen that the body stops producing during the menopause.

 A shortage of HRT pills has hit up to 200,000 menopausal women, it is reported


A shortage of HRT pills has hit up to 200,000 menopausal women, it is reportedCredit: Alamy

Half of the drugs are out of stock, affecting up to 200,000 women, the Daily Mail reported.

Dr Richard Vautrey, a GP from Leeds, said: “People can get increasingly anxious.”

Problems with the supply chain has meant some brands are not being produced, starting a domino effect causing shortages of alternatives.

It has left women with crippling symptoms including depression and night sweats.

Doctors warned the crisis is set to continue into next year.

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